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    Users are advised not to interrupt the Firmware Update process as it could lead to corruption which in turn will bring the failure in the installation process of new Firmware Update. The user must not do activities like this for example hop on to the next window, click on another link, open the n...

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      Enter the web address in the address bar of your web browser and a login window of the router setup will be displayed. Use the login credentials like the username and password.

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      Amped wireless has been making the lightning fast routers and modems for years now. Users need to remember that these devices are very easy to use and configure. This web link provided by Amped wireless i.e. has proven to be of great use.

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        Access Schedule in your Amped router is an efficient feature to keep unwanted users away from accessing your network. A user can restrict the users such as employees, guests, children from access to the network during specific times of a day due to security reasons. With the help of an Access Sch...

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